types of keywords in seo

Types of Keywords in SEO

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Types of Keywords in SEO

The keyword is the most important part of SEO. If you have found the best keywords properly then you completed your 50% work in SEO. Now, With the help of some keyword, and by doing On-page SEO you can get so much traffic. So now we can learn about keywords.


  1. Types of Keywords
  2. How can you get traffic
  3. Which time which keyword you can use.
types of keywords in seo
3 Main Type of Keywords are below

1- Short tail Keywords:- Short tail keywords are used to search phrases with only one or words. Short-tail keywords is a huge amount of volume but are also highly competitive. For example- DAVSY, MOMOS, BRIYANI ETC

2- Mid tail keywords:- Mid tail keywords are used to search phrases with two and three word only. Mid-tail keywords is a huge amount of volume but less than short tail keyword and This keywords are also highly competitive but less than short tail keywords.

3- Long tail keywords:- The long-tail keyword is a keyword to phrase that aims to capture search traffic from a specific, often (Three plus) word to search query. Long-tail keywords consist of more than 3 words. They are also usually much more specific data than short-tail keywords. They have a much lower search volume compared to the short-tail keywords. But they make it up by being much less than competitive.

types of keywords in seo
Some Different Type of Keywords

4- LSI / Related keywords:-  If you are a new blogger then you can use longtail keyword or must use LSI / Related Keyword with it.

 Now, In an article, we can use a Primary keyword. Ex:- How to use Davsy? In which we have some related terms with it that you have used in your article or post. You can use the 4-5 term / LSI keyword in your article. It helps that with your main keyword LSI keyword also Rank with it. For example:- HOW TO USE DAVSY?

So there is some related keyword in below image:-

types of keywords in seo


5- Evergreen keyword:- Evergreen keyword are those keywords in which Information remains the same lifetime. For ex- what is a computer?, what is SEO?

6- Seasonal keyword:- Seasonal keyword are those keywords that you can use according to the season or according to Festival. For ex – How to decorate home in Diwali.

7- Trending keyword:- This keyword, you can search trending topics in which maximum traffic comes or maximum search topics. You can search for trending keywords in Google trends. For example:- Corona Virus, Tiktok vs Youtube.

8- Buyer’s keyword:- Buyer’s keywords are those keywords which is use to buy anything. For example:- I want a laptop. So what can I search on Google “ Best laptop under 30,000”. So in which we can get information about it which post/ article can use this keyword and give us a buy link in it. 

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  1. Very informative. As a new blogger I am focusing mainly on long tail keyword. Being more specific you can get two or more organic visitors from the search engine..

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