top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

Top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

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10 Cool WhatsApp Tricks, Hacks And Tips

1. Share the picture as a document:

Did you know that you can share a picture from your cell phone as a document?
When you normally share images with your WhatsApp gallery feature, WhatsApp will reduce your image quality, but the clarity will remain intact if you use this trick to send images.
Here are the steps to share pictures with a document.

  1. Open your WhatsApp, click on the contact and open the chat screen.
  2. You will see the attachment option at the bottom of the chat screen.
top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

Click on it and you’ll get six options. Instead of clicking the camera, click on the document and you’ll see your cell phone’s file manager.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

Now you have to navigate to the Camera option by clicking on the Browse button above and clicking on it. You will find all your images inside the Camera tab.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

Here you can select the image you want to send as document. Now the image file is sent as document and your image quality is maintained.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

2. Save for share later:

Where do you save text or link content to your device to share or watch? Are you using a notepad or message to save your important messages correctly?
Now say you have found something amazing and you want to share or read later and you have found this amazing content on WhatsApp, so where do you save it?
You can open a third-party app, such as your mobile notepad or notes, to save that stuff. You know, you can do the same on your WhatsApp.

  1. Open your WhatsApp application and create a group with one of your friends.
  2. Now add that friend and create a group by any name. After creating the group, now remove that friend from your friend list. You only see what’s left of the crowd.
  3. Now you need to change the group name with your name and add your group picture. You can customize it by any name and attach any profile as per your requirement.
  4. Now that you share in a group, you can only view content. This will be saved for later use on your WhatsApp.
    If someone blocks you, you can also use that chat to create your note. Make sure it blocks you before using it that way.
    You can try to save your own WhatsApp number in your contact list and start sharing important stuff on your own WhatsApp.
    If you are using a PC or laptop and want to share your direct contact, here is another idea for you. You must share this link.
    As you can see in the URL. You need to replace that dummy number with your personal WhatsApp number and country code and share it wherever you want.
top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

3. Delete for everyone after the time limit

Did you use the Delete feature on your WhatsApp? This trick is useful when you need to delete a message you don’t want to send to anyone.
But there is a time limit, you can delete the message only 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds before. There is a limit to this.
Did you know you can delete messages even after reaching that limit? Yes it is true. For some, it is working fine but some say it is not working anymore.
However, you can try this trick to delete your old messages on WhatsApp. Here are the steps.

  1. Turn off your internet on your mobile phone and close your WhatsApp application.
  2. After that, you need to reset your cell phone time before sending the message on WhatsApp.
  3. Now open your WhatsApp (make sure your Internet is turned off) hold the text message you want to delete and again you get the option to delete it all.
    You can now delete old messages even after they expire.
    This trick may not work for everyone. You can find out if this still works for you. You can specify it in the comments below.

4. Bold, Italic and Strike Through:

Have you tried to make your WhatsApp text bold, italic and striking? I’m going to share with you here another awesome trick you can use to take advantage of these things.
If you want to make some key points bold in your WhatsApp conversation, you can use the * mark before and after writing a word or paragraph.
I want to make the NICE WEATHER text bold. I write like * NICE WEATHER * and the text is now bold.
You can italicize and put a _ mark before and after writing a word or paragraph.

You can also use it for strikethrough.
can place a ~ mark before and after writing a word or paragraph for StrikeThrough.
This is an excellent trick if you want to highlight some important aspects of your conversation.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

5. Fancy font:

Are you bored with your WhatsApp default font and want to change it? Here I am going to share with you, the hack will help you to customize the text in a custom font different from your default font.
If you try to change your phone’s default font, you will only see that change font and that font will not be visible to the person you are chatting with on WhatsApp.
You need to download a third-party application. There are a ton of apps.
You can download one of these apps and start using it for a custom font of your choice.

6: Create your own emoji:

Have you tried using your face or your own custom emoji? Here I am going to share with you how you can use your own custom emoji.
Sometimes your emoji collection may not fit your list. You need something in addition.
Here is an option to create a custom emoji for you. To create a custom emoji you need to download a third-party application for it.

7: Respond privately to WhatsApp Group:

Have you ever tried to reply privately to anyone in the WhatsApp group?
Anyone in the group have the option to reply privately?
Now I’m going to share with you, a trick to help you privately reply to a text message in the WhatsApp group so that only the person can see the text message you sent and not see anyone else.

Hold the WhatsApp message in the group you want to reply to privately.After selecting that message, you will see three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it and you will get an option called Answer Private. Click on it, type your message and you can reply now privately.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

8: Add shortcuts to your WhatsApp group:

Did you know that you can create a shortcut to your most important WhatsApp group on your cell phone.
Yes you can. If you have too many groups and you find it difficult to focus on the most important ones, then you can use this trick to shortcut your most important conversation.
For that, you need to click on the three points in the upper right corner and you will see that there are many options.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

Click More Now and you’ll get the “Shortcut Add Option”. Click on it and your shortcut will now be created for quick access to your device.

9: Two-Step Verification:

Are you more cautious about WhatsApp security?
You want to save your WhatsApp account and others can register with WhatsApp with your contact number.
Here’s a great tip for you to enable two-step verification in your WhatsApp account and enable password.
The next time you register on WhatsApp, you will be asked for the same code after logging out, and anyone (if your device or contact number) can log in again without that code.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

To enable that feature you need to click on the three points in the top right corner and then on the Account tab.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

After that, you will see an option called two-step verification. Click on it and now your WhatsApp is safe.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

10: Digital Fingerprint:

Have you tried installing Digital Fingerprint Lock on your WhatsApp?
When security is a major concern and you don’t want someone else to open your WhatsApp and read your messages, this hack is for you. Make sure your phone has a fingerprint lock. Here are the steps to start a fingerprint lock.

First, go to your WhatsApp and access the settings. Now after entering the Settings tab you should click on the Account tab.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

On the Account tab, you get the Privacy option. Click on the Privacy tab and you’ll get a digital fingerprint lock at the end.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

Enable this option and your WhatsApp is now protected.
The next time you enter WhatsApp, it will ask you to scan your identity, which will then enable you to enter WhatsApp.

top 10 cool whatsapp tricks hacks tips

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