Top 10 Windows 11 Features

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Top 10 Windows 11 Features:

1. Start menu

Notable innovation in the Windows 11 interface is the Start menu, which provides quick access to frequently used programs and documents, as well as universal applications that use advanced UI tiled interfaces. The menu is fully customizable: you can resize it, manage the layout of interactive dynamic live tiles, merge them into subject groups, remove unwanted shortcuts, and pin new ones. For the convenience of users, Microsoft developers provided start menu buttons for computer shutdown, quick access to account settings, operating system parameters and other controls.

Windows 11 Start Menu

2. New notification center

In Windows 11 features, the Notification Center is more advanced, clicking on the corresponding key in the taskbar next to the clock is displayed on the right side of the desktop. It now collects and displays all information about the operation of the system and focuses the user on those or other issues. Additionally, it displays general notifications, Skype calls, alarm signals, app store messages, calendar reminders, and information. Additionally, the new notification center includes controls for the computer’s operating mode, VPN settings, connections to wireless devices, and other system parameters.

Windows 11 Notification

3. Cortana Personal Virtual Assistant

There is also a desktop version of Top Ten, a virtual voice assistant with artificial intelligence familiar to owners of smartphones based on Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana allows you to solve things like planning things, searching for information on computer disks and the Internet, setting up notifications about important events, booking hotel rooms, and notifying customers about traffic conditions or canceled flights. Is. Additionally, she knows how to address customer needs, can continue to communicate with her, and this is not without her sense of humor. To start working with a voice assistant, you must enter a query in the search bar in the taskbar or click the microphone icon and control Cortana using your voice.

Cortana Windows 11

Currently, Cortana is only available in most countries and is adapted for later work in Russia. Currently, Microsoft is engaged in integrating Voice Assistant with Russian services that provide up-to-date information about restaurants, hotels, museums, government agencies and tickets. The company emphasizes that the question here is not so valid and correct. Ecosystem preparation for Russian-language commentary, but also collaborating with Microsoft partners.

4. Microsoft Edge Browser

With the release of Windows 11 features, Microsoft introduced the world to its new Edge web browser, which should replace Internet Explorer and compete with alternative solutions. Built from scratch by the software giant Internet Browser, the new Web Page Rendering Engine and Javascript interpreter, integrated with Cortana, allow you to quickly make notes, share information, and share it with a set of features. Tools for comfortable browsing and working with content. Microsoft Edge has high page processing speed and a new interface, which is completely different from what users used to see in IE. The previous browser went nowhere:

Microsoft edge browser

5. Hybrid PC Support “Two-in-One” (Continuum Function)

Owners of multi-mode ultrabooks that combine the functions of a personal computer and tablet no longer need to install additional software and drivers on the system to change OS’s desktop and tablet operating systems. On hybrid mobile PCs, Windows 11 is automatically detected when the keyboard is disconnected/connected, and the device is transferred to another mode of operation.

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