digital marketing

7 unique ways to earn money online Through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

7 unique ways to earn money Through Digital Marketing.

E-Commerce website

when you create an e-commerce website for any business your profit might range anywhere between 10000-50000₹.

Selling E-books

If you have any type of knowledge-on anything if you are a teacher, If you are a fitness freak or a photographer. If you have any kind of knowledge put them know in form of an e-book which can help you to sell E-Book on E-bay, Amazon, Flipkart and starting & paying from anywhere 2$- 15$ according to your subject.

Affiliate Marketing

You can sell or promote any other business or other company products on your own on the internet blog or YouTube channel or any way you can sell products and become the affiliate marketer. It is very old industry since 1998.

 Youtube channel

when people will create your videos & have lots of views you can place ads on your video. This way Google will be paying you for running ads for them.

Promote Family business

If you have a Family business or personal business and have an idea to run our business & promote that online as well.

Own advertising business

You can help the business to promote their products & services online for your services. you can charge anywhere 5000-50000₹


If you have digital marketing knowledge then you can apply for a job in the digital marketing field. If you have no experience yours salary become anywhere 15000₹- 40000₹ & If you have 1-2 year of experience you can get very good package 5L-15L from companies.

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